Thermal Electrical Inspections


According to EPRI(Electrical Power Research Institute, Stanford, CA) the No. 1 cause of fires in buildings is electrical – ahead of arson - and insurance companies want to see their investments protected. Insurance companies are risk assessors. They need to protect their investments and discovered a way to“predict” the likelihood of a claim by the unseen condition of their insured’s equipment Infrared imaging was the ticket for them and ten (10) years ago they vigorously promoted or demanded that a yearly infrared inspection of electrical distribution systems be made by their insured clients.

While it does not purport to exempt a building from an electrically caused fire from transient causes, an infrared-based inspection will reduce that risk. In fact, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) research presents that 73% of all electrical failures could have been averted by use ofinfrared inspections.

Electrical contractors will often acquire an infrared camera to offer a low cost service in order to write themselves a ticket to the more lucrative repair business. Repairs must be kept separate from the inspecting. It only makes sense.

Many who call themselves thermographers have a certificate from the infrared camera manufacturer or reseller that is not even worth the paper it is written on. When choosing a thermographer, ask for a certificate of infrared certification from a recognized institute and not a manufacturer where passing grades are part of the purchase of the camera. Those who fail the certification exam will still receive a completion (attendance) certificate, which could be confused with the real thing.

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